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Alabama Victims of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma (pronounced:  Me-so-thee-lee-O-ma) is a rare and particularly dangerous form of cancer that most often forms in the lining of the lungs.  By the time the disease is diagnosed, it has often spread to other parts of the body. Not everyone who has been exposed to asbestos will become sick with mesothelioma.  In fact, only […]

The Truth About Asbestos Cash Settlements

Asbestos Awards

There is much misunderstanding about asbestos awards, asbestos lawsuits and who may or may not qualify for asbestos cash settlements.  For example, people with an asbestos-related cancer may be reluctant to get involved and apply for cash awards because they don’t want to go to court for a trial.  The TRUTH:  The vast majority of […]

High Cost Working

Most Alabamians follow a similar path in life.  They grow up, they go to work, they get married, they have families and, one day, they hope to retire and “enjoy the good life.” High Cost Working has never crossed their minds. For some, exposure to asbestos has not only changed those plans, it has placed […]

Asbestos may be gone, but damage has been done.

welder in alabama

He was a welder in Alabama at a plant in north Alabama.  A hardworking man who did his job, raised a family, tended a garden and fished in the Tennessee River. He retired ten years ago and began making plans to do some things on his “bucket list.”  He had long dreamed of a road […]

Common mistakes about asbestos cash settlements

Asbestos cash settlements

When victims of asbestos exposure begin researching cash settlement claims, they are often overwhelmed with information that can be confusing.  Because the Keahey Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience in asbestos cases, we want to provide answers to questions we most often receive. Q.  Is it true that filing an asbestos claim […]