The Truth About Asbestos Cash Settlements

There is much misunderstanding about asbestos awards, asbestos lawsuits and who may or may not qualify for asbestos cash settlements. asbestos awards

For example, people with an asbestos-related cancer may be reluctant to get involved and apply for cash awards because they don’t want to go to court for a trial.  The TRUTH:  The vast majority of our asbestos cases are settled out of court.  Clients very rarely go to a courthouse or courtroom.

Family members of people sick with mesothelioma or lung cancer, or patients themselves, may believe the burden is on them to prove asbestos exposure.  The TRUTH is that the Keahey Law Firm takes care of that work.  We research a client’s work history and whether asbestos may have been present at any of those worksites.  And we charge nothing to do this.  Our firm collects fees ONLY if our client is awarded cash settlements.

Mesothelioma or lung cancer patients may be hesitant to apply for cash awards because they don’t want to be taxed or because they don’t want to take legal action against an employer.  The TRUTH: Asbestos cash awards always come from the large trust funds established just for asbestos victims.  We take no legal action against a client’s current or former employer.  When clients receive their asbestos cash awards, that money is never taxed.  It is tax free.

Family members of people who have died because of mesothelioma or lung cancer commonly believe they don’t qualify for cash awards.  The TRUTH is that family members DO qualify but they must contact the Keahey Law Firm as soon as possible following a loved one’s death.  There is a two-year statute of limitations, which simply means we must take action within two years of death.

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