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When you phone the Keahey Law Firm, you take the first step toward a possible cash settlement for asbestos exposure.  It all begins with that first phone call.

You can speak with a representative at our firm who will gather some background information, including your work history.  (Or, if you are calling on behalf of a loved one, we will need that person’s work history.)

Once we have that work history information, we will investigate possible claims that could result in cash settlements for you.

IMPORTANT—We do this work at NO CHARGE.  You will never receive a bill or invoice from us, we will never ask for a credit card number, and we will never seek payment from you.  We are paid only if we get cash settlements for you.

If you think you have nothing to lose, you’re right.  Why not call the Keahey Law Firm now?  1-205-871-0707.  Let us investigate your work history to see if you have an asbestos exposure claim.

    If you have mesothelioma or lung cancer or are a family member of someone who has died of either of those diseases in the last two years, please call us now.  Call 1-205-871-0707.

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