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Common questions about an asbestos claim

asbestos law

The Keahey Law Firm has helped thousands of families decide whether to pursue asbestos cash settlements.  In fact, asbestos law is the only type of law we practice. Asbestos victims and their families often have questions about the process involved in pursuing a claim.  Typical questions include: –If I receive a cash settlement, will it […]

You may be entitled to multiple cash settlements.

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In the one hundred years comprising the 20th Century, the American landscape changed dramatically.  We became an industrialized nation that manufactured products used the world over. Following WWII, the United States experienced a baby boom.  Our economy was strong.  Manufacturing jobs were plentiful.  From textile mills to industrial plants to refineries and paper mills, men […]

Asbestos Victims? In 2017?


There is widespread belief that people are no longer becoming sick with mesothelioma, lung cancer or ovarian cancer because of asbestos. Unfortunately, that is untrue. Today, men and women who were exposed to asbestos as long as 50 years ago are in some cases becoming sick with mesothelioma and lung cancer.  For reasons doctors don’t […]

It wasn’t supposed to be like this

For more than 25 years, the Keahey Law Firm has worked with victims and family members whose world has been turned upside down because of exposure to asbestos. Most people who are dealing with asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma and lung cancer are age 60 and older.  And, in most cases, these innocent people were exposed […]

The Tragedy of Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure

For decades, hardworking Americans were routinely victims of asbestos exposure.  It was used in paper mills, refineries, steel mills, textile plants, tire and rubber factories, shipyards, auto repair shops, blast furnaces, railroad yards and in many other industries and workplaces.  Asbestos was used on thousands of job sites including construction, roofing, plumbing and welding. Workers […]