Common questions about an asbestos claim

The Keahey Law Firm has helped thousands of families decide whether to pursue asbestos cash settlements.  In fact, asbestos law is the only type of law we practice.

Asbestos victims and their families often have questions about the process involved in pursuing a claim.  Typical questions include:asbestos law

–If I receive a cash settlement, will it change my pension?

No.  Cash settlements paid to you will in no way impact your pension.

–If I decide to proceed with a claim, with my former employer be sued?

No.  The Keahey Law Firm has never sued anyone’s current or former employer.  In many cases, employers didn’t know asbestos created a dangerous work place.  The asbestos manufacturers, however, did know.  Money for asbestos victims and their families comes from those former asbestos manufacturers through trust funds.

–If I file an asbestos claim, will I or anyone in my family have to go to court?

Asbestos cases are almost always settled out of court.  It would be very rare for you to ever go to court.

–How much will I have to pay lawyers or the law firm?

Nothing.  The Keahey Law Firm will research your work history to see whether you may have been exposed to asbestos while on the job.  We handle the entire process—the claim, the paperwork and the research.  You will never pay us a single penny.  We are paid a portion of the settlement, but only if you receive a settlement yourself.

If you decide to investigate a possible asbestos claim, you literally have nothing to lose.

The Keahey Law Firm, with offices in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama, has proudly represented asbestos victims and their families for more than 25 years.  If we can every help you in ANY way, please call 1-205-871-0707