Asbestos Victims? In 2017?

There is widespread belief that people are no longer becoming sick with mesothelioma, lung cancer or ovarian cancer because of asbestos.

Unfortunately, that is untrue.mesothelioma

Today, men and women who were exposed to asbestos as long as 50 years ago are in some cases becoming sick with mesothelioma and lung cancer.  For reasons doctors don’t fully understand, those two asbestos-related diseases usually develop many years after someone’s exposure to asbestos.

Think about it.  American workers who didn’t even know they were exposed to asbestos in the 1960s and 1970s are now facing serious forms of cancer specifically linked to that asbestos exposure.

Instead of enjoying their retirement years, some are spending their time and money traveling to medical specialists and searching for help.  They are undergoing expensive medical tests and procedures.  Some are having surgery and are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

All because they were exposed to tiny, dust-like particles of asbestos that routinely filled the air in their workplaces.

Most recently, medical experts have discovered a link between ovarian cancer and asbestos.  It is believed talcum powder containing asbestos is to blame.

At the Keahey Law Firm, our mission every day is to help men, women and families whose lives have been dramatically impacted by asbestos.  In fact, asbestos litigation is the only kind of law we practice.

Like we have done for 25 years, we continue to work in 2017 to get large cash settlements for those dealing with asbestos diseases and for the loved ones of those who have died of mesothelioma, lung cancer and ovarian cancer.

All of us would want to live in a world where the physical and emotional pain from asbestos exposure is.

Sadly, in 2017, that is not the case.

Men and women will continue to be diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer for years to come.  And the Keahey Law Firm will be here to help them through those extremely difficult times.  We do not and cannot provide medical treatment.  But for asbestos victims and their families, we work as hard as we can to get cash settlements from the billions of dollars set aside by asbestos trusts.

Please call us today.  Let us look into a possible asbestos claim for you.  You will never receive a bill from us.  You will never be charged on your credit card.  In fact, we will never ask you for a credit card number.  We are paid ONLY if we are successful in getting cash settlements for you.

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