Common mistakes about asbestos cash settlements

When victims of asbestos exposure begin researching cash settlement claims, they are often overwhelmed with information that can be confusing.  Because the Keahey Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience in asbestos cases, we want to provide answers to questions we most often receive.

Q.  Is it true that filing an asbestos claim could cause me to lose my pension?  And that I will pay more taxes?

No, that is not true.  Asbestos cash settlements never impact pensions and they never cause a person’s taxes to increase. Asbestos cash settlements

Q.  I don’t want to go to court with an asbestos case.

The vast majority of asbestos cases do not require you to go to court, even for one single day, because they are settled out of court.

Q.  I don’t want to file a lawsuit against my former employer.

Asbestos cash settlements come from the trust funds established by large corporations that manufactured asbestos.  When we file an asbestos claim on your behalf, we are NOT filing any kind of legal action against your former employer.

Q.  I am a United States veteran.  If I have an asbestos claim, will I have to file a lawsuit against my branch of military service, such as the Navy?

No.  U.S. veterans, including U.S. Navy, Merchant Marine and Coast Guard veterans, receive asbestos settlements from corporations that manufactured asbestos.  As a firm led by a United States Army veteran, you have our promise that we will never file any kind of legal action against any branch of our armed forces.

Q.  I worked in a factory where asbestos may have been present.  I have lung cancer, but I smoked cigarettes for more than 40 years.  Does smoking disqualify me from a settlement?

Absolutely not.  It does not matter if you smoked or never smoked.  What matters is that you worked on a job site where asbestos was present.  You may qualify for a tax-free cash settlement.  Please call us.  We will investigate at absolutely no charge.

If you have questions about a possible asbestos cash settlement, we urge you to call us immediately.  Our telephones are answered every day, 24 hours a day.  It would be a privilege for us to investigate your possible cash settlement.  We never charge a fee for that service.  In fact, we collect a fee ONLY if we are successful in getting a cash settlement for you.