Financial relief for asbestos victims and their families

For people dealing with lung cancer or mesothelioma, their world often gets turned upside down.  There are frequent visits to doctors and physician specialists.  There may be medical treatments involving surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  There are trips to pharmacies and medications to take.

There is often physical and emotional stress in battling serious illnesses and, depending on insurance coverage, there may be financial stress, too.

We know.  Because we have represented mesothelioma and lung cancer victims and their families for 25 years, we see it every day.  And while we are not health care professionals and can’t help with medical treatment, it is a privilege for us to try and bring financial relief to asbestos victims (patients and their families).

We do that by taking legal action against asbestos manufacturers—the now-bankrupt companies that knowingly made products containing asbestos.  U.S. courts forced these companies to set aside billions of dollars in trust funds to pay asbestos victims and their families.  Those trust funds are still available today and will be for many years to come.

It brings us great joy to write checks to asbestos victims or, if they have died, their surviving family members.  The process begins with us reviewing a patient’s work history.  It is important to get this information because someone may have been exposed to asbestos at a job held many years ago.  There was a case right here in Alabama where someone developed mesothelioma traced to a part-time job held while in college.

We charge absolutely nothing to conduct this job history review.  In fact, our firm is paid ONLY if we get cash settlements for our clients and their families.

How do you get started?  It is very easy.  If you have lung cancer or mesothelioma, or if you are a family member of someone who has these asbestos-related diseases, simply call this number in Birmingham.  1-205-871-0707.  One of our team members will explain how it works and what we will do to try to get cash settlements for you.

Billions of dollars in trust funds are available for asbestos victims and their families.  Call today and let’s see if you may qualify for large cash settlements.  1-205-871-0707